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  Herb (Herb) is a generic term for a class of plants, but it is not a unit of plant subject classification. The herb is commonly referred to as the "grass", which is called a "tree", but occasionally there are exceptions, such as bamboo, which belong to herbaceous plants, but people often see it as a kind of tree. Herbaceous plants, the habits of annual, biennial and perennial, sometimes with the geographic latitude and cultivation habits change and variation. They stem support difference from woody plants most notably, herbaceous plants support for turgor.



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School: Chengdu University

Industry: IT

Representative works: net

Nationality: Republic of China

Nation: Han

Belief: no

  Studying at Chengdu University, in the school period many times to get students to praise (to be verified). University three years and the world's top five hundred as well as schools around the enterprise has had a number of cooperation, to get the best takeaway junior honorary title. During the school period, a number of like-minded people. Among them, but also with the students Liu Tuhao, Huang Lukun and other opportunity to visit the Guilin in Guangxi. During his visit to the Guilin in a number of luxury hotels, as well as the taste of the local cuisine: Beer fish, while browsing the famous Guilin Scenery. In a period of nearly a week's visit, did not disturb the local people, more than Guangxi officials accompanied, maintained from the masses, to the masses of the Communist Party and the socialist successor to the good style.